al shahaniya, Doha, Qat
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Al Shahaniya is a municipality and urban locality by the same name in Qatar, formerly in the municipality of Al Rayyan, but now independent municipality. Locality was delimited in 1988 by Law No. 22. In 2014, the cabinet ratified a draft amending some provisions to the 1988 law.EtymologyThe municipality derives its name from a plant known locally as 'sheeh' which was valued for its anti-inflammatory effects. A variation of this name is Al-Sheehaniya.HistoryIn 2014, Al-Shahaniya split off from Al Rayyan Municipality to form its own municipality. Integrating approximately 35% of Al Rayyan's area into the new municipality, some of Al Rayyan's western localities such as Al Gharbiam, Al Utouriya, Al Jemailiya, Umm Bab, Rawdat Rashed, Al Nasraniya, Dukhan and Al Khurayb were also included in the new municipality.InfrastructureAs of 2015, there are 27 schools, 114 mosques, 8 health care centers, and 8 community centers or malls operating within the municipality.Al Dehailiyat Army Camp is located in the village of Al Dehailiyat.One of the most important research stations in Qatar is located in Rawdat Al Faras. The research station consists of a laboratory, a warehouse and five palm tree fields hosting over 1,500 palm trees. There is also a major government-owned plant nursery which spans over 2,500 sq meters in the village of Al Utouriya. Plants grown in this nursery are used for research and also distributed to government ministries.


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