Arad, Bahrain

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Arad is a town in Bahrain, located on Muharraq Island. It lies east of Muharraq City and northwest of Hidd. It was originally a separate island but was joined to Muharraq over the course of the 20th century. It was originally a small farming village inhabited by Baharna Shia. It later expanded to include new middle-class housing, which brought with it a large Sunni population also.The Arad Fort, the Al Muharraq Stadium, and the headquarters of the Islamic Society are located in the town.The town is administered under the Muharraq Governorate.EducationThe Ministry of Education operates government schools. Boys schools include Al Kawarzmi Primary Boys School, Al-Dair Primary Boys School, Arad Primary Boys School, and Arad Primary Intermediate Boys School. Girls schools include Al Oroba Primary Girls School, Arad Intermediate Girls School, and Arad Primary Girls School.


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